Sunday, November 18, 2007

ANOTHER ear infection....

Geez, I think that this kid is going for a record or something!! Yes, she has ANOTHER ear infection! Actually, I think that this is just a continuation of the last one in fact. The last doc only gave her Amoxicillin, which is kinda scary only because it kinda makes me think that she is becoming immune to the Amox. I hope that the Augmentin takes care of it! Thankfully she is back to her happy self now!

Danny is DEFINATELY well on his way to walking. He took 8 unassisted steps in a row today. Now granted, they were quite shakey and a little shuffly (read:looked like an old man) but hey, they were steps nonetheless! Man, he is such a happy little man too. SO easy going. And is he a little PARROT!! He copies everything that his sister says, it is so funny.

Speaking of Abby's talking, she has come leaps and bounds. She's putting 2 words together, and occasionally 3 here and there. If she wants something, it is "Abby baby?" "Abby chips?" "Abby keys?" or whatever else she wants. I have to say, now that she knows that she can communicate and get her point across with talking rather than whining, she is much better. So yeah, we are getting better with that. Oh, and MAN does this girl like to count! She counts EVERYTHING. "One, two, free!!!!"

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Abby's surgery is scheduled....

...for November 26th. Tubes will be placed! Yay!! PRAY that this will help her with her ears!

He took his first steps!!


For some reason, our kids like to take their first steps in Abby took her first steps at an art store. Danny, Hallmark. And mommy wasn't even around! Daddy called pretty much everyone he knew after that and had to tell them.

So yay Danny!! Keep it up buddy!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

We LOVE Fall!! (Part 2!)

Apparently I can only post so many pictures, so here are some more! :)

We LOVE Fall!!

Well, we have to say that we love fall and all it's colors. As most of you know, I am a photography nut, so today we went out and took pics. I think that the kids are getting used to having a camera in their faces all the I love just going out and spending an hour or whatever and just playing with the kids and taking pictures. Here are some of the good ones we got today:

Easily Amused:)

I love that my kids are at the stage that they are easily amused. The other day, I was doing dishes and they were just in a MOOD. You moms know what I am talking about.... So I busted out some bowls, gave them some of the bubbles in the sink from the dishes and *POOF!* suddenly it was quiet! Well, except for the giggles!

Lotsa blogs!

Lots of stuff happened this week, and for some reason I can't figure out how to put pictures in the middle of posts, much less more than text between pics, so bear with me, there are gonna be a lot of blogs here recently!

Ok, so first things first, let's get the icky, bad news out of the way. Both of the kids are on antibiotics right now. Abby has another, yes, ANOTHER ear infection. I was down in the ER with her today. Poor girlie, I feel so bad for her. She has an appointment with the ENT doc (the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist) on the 9th in the morning, so pray that they will be able to help us! I just want her to be able to be without pain, ya know? I bet she doesn't even remember what that is like even more!

And poor Danny, he has bronchitis. I brought him in earlier this week because I was concerned because it just seems like both he and Abby can get the same cold at the same time and it takes him 3 times as long to get over it. Well, right before we left for Kansas, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and the doc that I talked to said that it takes 6-8 weeks for that to heal and we are coming up on week 6. We are to have an x-ray of his chest next week to make sure that everything is healing well and that he is ok. *Whew!* Glad to know that we are getting this taken care of.

As for Halloween, the kids had a BLAST!! Danny was my little fireman, and Abby was a little fairy ballerina. Danny of course was a little "ok whatever" about it, but Abby was entirely too excited about putting her "firefly" wings on! (Butterfly, for those of you non-2-year-old language speakers out there!) She loves getting all dressed up, and is a HUGE fan of dress-up play and playing with her dolls. She "rocks" her dolls now, it is so cute! But-back to Halloween!! We only went a block or so trick-or-treating, but man, they had so much fun! Then, just a few houses away, one of our neighbors had a toy firetruck that the kids climbed into and of course, given Danny's outfit, we had to take some pics!