Sunday, November 18, 2007

ANOTHER ear infection....

Geez, I think that this kid is going for a record or something!! Yes, she has ANOTHER ear infection! Actually, I think that this is just a continuation of the last one in fact. The last doc only gave her Amoxicillin, which is kinda scary only because it kinda makes me think that she is becoming immune to the Amox. I hope that the Augmentin takes care of it! Thankfully she is back to her happy self now!

Danny is DEFINATELY well on his way to walking. He took 8 unassisted steps in a row today. Now granted, they were quite shakey and a little shuffly (read:looked like an old man) but hey, they were steps nonetheless! Man, he is such a happy little man too. SO easy going. And is he a little PARROT!! He copies everything that his sister says, it is so funny.

Speaking of Abby's talking, she has come leaps and bounds. She's putting 2 words together, and occasionally 3 here and there. If she wants something, it is "Abby baby?" "Abby chips?" "Abby keys?" or whatever else she wants. I have to say, now that she knows that she can communicate and get her point across with talking rather than whining, she is much better. So yeah, we are getting better with that. Oh, and MAN does this girl like to count! She counts EVERYTHING. "One, two, free!!!!"

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