Sunday, October 28, 2007


That's Danny's word. For EVERYTHING. Da! (A tree.) Da! (A Cheerio.) Da! (Daddy.) Da! (The cat.) Da! Da! Da!! Even when I hum him to bed at night, I "Da" to him. "Da-da-da! Da-da-da! Da-da-da-da, da-da-da!"

He's so darn cute though, that lil man. I just wanna squish him and his cute lil cheeks. It's amazing how much love you can have for someone that's only been in your life for 10 months! (Well, 19 if you really want to be technical!)

He's ALMOST walking, and I think that if he would let us try with him for a day or so, he would get it, but it's like as soon as he sees us both get down on the floor, he thinks that we should be there too. It's ok, as long as he is walking soon, it's ok. I'm in no hurry for my baby to not be a baby anymore, as it seems like this is the last "real" milestone before they hit toddlerhood, ya know? He's so sweet, laid-back, and such a good natured kid. I am one lucky momma.

My pretty, pretty Princess!

Well, I did it....I made my first item specifically for Abby!! Her first tutu!! YAY!! And I have to say that it turned out SPECTACULARLY!! I was very impressed by myself!! Can you tell she loved it??

Oh, and the tantrum!! You like that?! What a true

Friday, October 19, 2007

New teeth and doc appts

Each one of the kids are working on a tooth right now. Abby is getting her last canine (lower left) and Danny is getting his upper left tooth. So yeah, fun stuff. And on top of it, poor Abby has a terribly sore throat and an ear infection. Yes, another one. Needless to say, we are going to talk to the ENT (ear, nose and throat doc) soon to talk to them about tubes. Poor kid is having a hard time even hearing I'm sure.

I met the kids' pediatrician yesterday. VERY nice lady. I really like her. Seems like the very classic, no nonsense, very down to earth kind of grandma type doc. Love it.

I met my therapist today too. Very nice guy. :)

It's also been brought to my attention that people have thought that in my last post that I have been "homeless" in my life as in no place to sleep. I guess that I should have clarified and said that I have moved a lot....especially in the last few years and have been between homes and had to sleep in hotels and such. Make sense now?

Oh, and I got a new carrier for Danny and we LOVE it. It's a Moby ( and funny story.....we went to the store to try it on to see if it would work for us, and I get all wrapped up in it in the store. I walk over to get Danny, wrap him all up, let go, and no lie, he lets out the hugest, calmest sigh, like, ahhhh, I was *so* meant to be here! We went for a walk today in it, and he just sat in it and talked the whole time.....he LOVES it!! As soon as I stop, he gets all

Friday, October 12, 2007


While on the road, you have a lot of time to sit and think-well reflect really, as to a lot of things in your life. One thing that hit me was the fact that I have been homeless a LOT in my 29 years. Even more so in the last 4 years since I have married my husband and joined the army wife ranks. It's a blessing and a curse all in one, that army wife thing. You get to be a part of something pretty phenominal, somthing that not many people get to be a part of, something that is pretty upstanding, and at the same time, you have to give up so much. You have to be a single parent, you have to live knowing that your loved one is in harm's way every minute of every day. It's such an awful feeling, it really is. I mean, as a mom, it's hard enough sleeping at night, pratically waking at every sneeze, cough, or movement that your baby makes, and then add on the fact that your spouse isn't there. Yeah, ok, enough of that.....

Our move went quite well. We only spent one night at the hotel in Des Moines, and the kids did pretty well. Abby and Daddy had their own room, and Mommy and Danny got to snuggle together in their room. We had a bit of trouble with the moving truck, and ended up stuck in some poor farmer's corn field for about 2 hours while we were waiting for a mechanic. Turns out that we had a bad fuel filter-or so we thought. The next day, we had the same problem....the truck just wouldn't go over 40mph! We were starting to panic too because we had to be to Fort Riley at LEAST by 4:30 in order to sign for housing, otherwise it was going to be a mess!

So needless to say, we get to Riley, park the moving truck outside of post (because we would have had to spend more time getting a day pass and getting the truck inspected and everything) and Roland just jumped in the truck with us and we zoooooomed to housing, signed for the house, and went back for the truck. I dropped him off, and went back for the gate. The guy stopped me at the gate, and thought that we were terrorists!! LMAO!! I explained what was going on, and he still gave me a look like, "Uh huh, suuuuure lady!" Apparently Roland said too that the MP's were called out also while we were gone to check out the truck. Too funny.

And poor neighbor! Our second day here, she falls down the stairs and that is how I met her, in terrible pain at the top of her stairs. Turns out that she BADLY bruised her hip and ankle and was in pretty bad pain for a few days. Like I said, poor girl!

And then, as if our life could not get any more eventful in what, 11 days?! Poor Danny contracted some virus and had some massive gut issues for like a week, and then poor Abby had the pukes last night. Thank GOD Roland was home. I would have lost my mind. Really. I owe this man my life right now. He is my hero. Hopefully everyone is on the mend now. I am going to bleach my house from top to bottom tomorrow and wash everyone's everything. Wish me luck! lol