Sunday, October 26, 2008

Abby's new talent and pics of the pumpkin patch....

So, as I am making dinner tonight (spaghetti) I hear a strange noise. One you don't normally hear from a 3 year old. One, that as far as you know, has never practiced. One, as far as you know, no one has ever tried to show them HOW to make this noise.

She's whistling.
No lie! As soon as I realized that it was coming out of my daughter rather than the TV like I originally thought, I stopped dead in my tracks.

"Abby?" I say, "Are you whistling?!"

"Yeah!" she says with the PROUDEST look that I have seen to date from her. Man, I have a smart kid.

And then my little Mr. Congeniality. Man, this kid will suck you in with his smile. He's just the happiest lil' guy. Here he is at the pumpkin patch with his sister saying, "Cheese!!"

And then a sampling of the conversations that I have with Abby:
The other day on the way to work, I had noticed that she was kinda clingy and unhappy the last few days (read: being a lil' stinker!) and this is normally how she is when she has an ear infection. So I wanted to ask her if her ears are bothering her, but with my little actress, you have to be sneaky about it. You have to ask without suggesting. So I say,
"Abby? How's your knees?" She giggles and says,
"Abs? How are your elbows?"
*giggles* "Good!"
"How's your ears?"
Cute?! CUTE?! Where does she come up with these things?! I love listening to her think. lol

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OMG, I'm thirty....

Yup, it's true. I'm the big 3-0.

OMG, I'm thirty. THIRTY! I am no longer a "carefree" twentysomething. I have to be RESPONSIBLE now! I have to DO things now! I have to be an ADULT now!

Oh wait, I already do that.....

Ok, I feel better now. lol

On to tomorrow....

Monday, July 21, 2008

So much has changed!!

Ugh, first and foremost, SORRY!!!!!

I KNOW that I have to update this, but SO much has happened!! (AKA We have been INSANELY busy, will you ever forgive us?!)

1. We bought a new house.

2. I started work.

3. We traded in BOTH of our vehicles for "new to us" ones.

4. Abby turned THREE!!

5. We started potty training!

6. Do you need any more excuses or is this enough? lol

Can I entice you with pictures?

Friday, April 11, 2008


YAY!! He got in last night around 9pm, and so by the time that we got home and the kids calm, it was close to 10. But, they are sleeping now, and Roland is happily sitting on the couch watching (read: mindlessly flipping channels on) TV.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our sign is done!!

Check it out! We had SO much fun!!

After I did the black lettering, I put paper plates down with multi-colored paint and gave them paintbrushes. They painted for a while, but Danny got bored fast. And besides, paint doesn't taste all that great. So I decided to strip them down and let them just go to town. Abby was in HEAVEN!! She was having a blast. Danny, well, he liked having his feet in the paint....for about a minute. After that, he was

No word yet!

But I am hoping today. They give you a call 72 hours before the actual welcome home ceremony to tell you when it is, so I am hoping that today is the day!

It's just so stressful not knowing. There's no deadline. There's no, "Ok, I can wait to mop the floor/make the sign/iron my dress until Wednesday because he'll be home on Thursday" kind of thing, ya know? I'm not good with open ends. I need to have deadlines, so I can wait until the very last minute, stress myself out, and arrive half dressed, red-faced, with the kids crying cuz momma was yelling at them to "HURRY UP!" lol

That, and I want to spend some time with him before I have to go to work, ya know? Not that I don't mind doing it all, it'll just be nice to have someone take out the trash besides me. (I HATE taking out the trash!) It'll be nice to be able to run to the store after the kids go to bed at night. To have someone lift heavy things.

Oh, a girl can only dream!

Friday, April 4, 2008

He's on his way!

Of course I can't say where he is, but he's on the move! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers! This is when I worry about them the most; when they are on the move....

Oh, and as a side note, if I have to watch Cinderella one more freaking time, I may blow. Fair warning.

Could this possibly be the beginning?!?!

So this morning, Abby woke up dry. Completely dry.

I took this as an opportunity, and asked her if she needed to go potty....."No." was the response that I got. Ok, but by then, she was naked. This girl hates PJs.....

So we go get Danny up, and she's holding herself. "Are you sure you don't have to go potty?" as she's running down the hallway. I grab Danny, and off we go. She sits there for a while, and nothing. So I go and change Danny, and next I hear, "Momma! Abby BIG pee!!" Yup, she did it!! YIPEE!!

After breakfast, we went upstairs to work on some stuff that I am trying to get done before Roland gets home, namely getting pictures hung in the hallway upstairs. We get up there, and in the middle of it, Abby RUNS to the bathroom. Yup! Another BIG YAY!!

So I decide to chance it. It's nice and sunny out today, so I get us all dressed, and out we go. We're playing for about an hour (with several, "Hey Abby, do you have to go potty?"'s) and needless to say, I think that she was a little TOO interested in playing to realize that she had to go potty:( Hey, at least she tried!

We go inside and get changed. She's just in undies and a tee-shirt, and we are on the main floor. (The only one without a bathroom.) But, thank goodness for portable potties, and I explain to her that if she has to go potty, either tell momma, or the potty is right there. She's playing for a while, and next I know, she's holding her butt and trotting off to the potty. She did it all by herself, and she went POOP! WOWZA!! YAY!! I made a SUPER big deal about it, and she was SO proud! I asked her if she wanted to call Grandma, but she said no. (She's like her momma, not a phone person....)

So yay Abby. Momma could not be more proud:) I'm just beaming.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Did you know.....?

That ANYONE can comment on the blogs? I just set it up so anyone can say something, not just other bloggers! So, comment away!

Oh, and thanks for voting:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just marvelling..... my awesome craftiness....*sigh*

This is all of the fun stuff that I have been working on in the last few days:

Letters in the kids' rooms:

T-shirts for the kids when daddy comes home:

(They say "Our Daddy...." and "Our Hero!")

And stuffed animals:)


And Abby's: (she calls him "Flower Butt" lol)
This is why she calls him "Flower Butt":

Monday, March 24, 2008

Why is he such a clown?

Seriously, *where* did this come from?!

Oh wait....I think I figured it out....

Sunday, March 23, 2008


First, I have to apologize. For some reason, I can't get the pics to flip correctly. Ugh.
Well, Easter got off to a....well....rather icky start....

I wake up to Danny talking-normal occurance. I know that this is going to change when I go back to work, but for now I just let everyone sleep until someone wakes up and decides that it is time to get up, which is usually around 8. So, I get out of bed, and walk into Danny's room to see him COVERED in boogies. Snot. Nose phleghm. Whatever you want to call it. Yum.

I knew that Abby was getting a cold yesterday, and they are both teething molars. Two of Abby's are through, one is almost through, and one is just being a pain. Two of Danny's are working on it, and well I'm sure that there are more behind them. Yay. Well yesterday she started getting stuffy, and ALL day today they were both whiney. But hey, life could be worse. At least I HAVE 2 kids to "complain" about.

And, here are the long awaited pics of Abby's dress that I made. I will have to take more later as these didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. We also had our friends the Allens over so the little boy in the pics are their little one:)

And don't be fooled by the size of Danny's shoes in these pics. They are technically 6 1/2's, but for some reason they are more like 8 1/2's. The poor kid had a hard time walking in them. I guess that that is what I get for just buying them without trying them on! (But hey, they were on sale!!)

Friday, March 21, 2008


So like I said in a previous post, Abby has started calling Danny "Daniel!" Well, the other day I got mad at him over something or another, and called him by his full name....of course Abby heard this and lately, she's a darn sponge.

So yesterday we were on a walk (it was SO nice out-about 70 or so!) and Danny was in the wagon while Abby walked. I wasn't sure how warm out it really was since it was REALLY windy, so I brought along their coats. Like I said, Danny was in the wagon with the coats, and decided that that was just one too many things in the wagon for him, so he threw out one of the coats. I didn't notice, by my little mama did, and next I hear, "Daniel John Edmund Ward!" OMG, I was DYING. I mean seriously, could you imagine tiny little Abby with her tiny little voice speaking this firmly to Danny? It was hilarious.

Today I spent the whole morning cleaning the upstairs. We are getting ready for when Roland comes home, and I figure that it is a lot easier to do the deep cleaning now, and then just do upkeep until he comes home. It's getting close! I am so excited to have him home soon!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I hate LATE night phone calls!

But this was a good one!

Roland just called and said that he made the E7 board! YAY!! He is expecting to be pinned in June '09 or sooner. Yes, the pay raise will be nice, but then again, we are going to have to move again. Normally, you don't have to move when you get promoted, but he is now a SENIOR NCO (non-commissioned officer) and so we "can't" live in junior NCO housing. But thankfully we won't have to move until he is pinned! I'm kinda bummed because I really like this house. I like the way that it is layed (or is it laid?) out, and I LOVE the HUGE backyard. Seriously, you all have to come and visit before we move.

So yay. I am so proud of him. He worked hard for this. In fact, he ran his pa-toot off right before he went back so that he could have everything in place for this board. So yay. I love it when people recognize you for your hard work.

I can't stop smiling. Wait till the kids get up tomorrow morning! They will have NO idea what I am talking about, but they can share in my excitement:)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Abby has been taking it upon herself to be Danny's second mom. Poor kid.

And not only that, but she INSISTS on calling him Daniel. But she has a hard time saying Daniel, so it comes out more like "Dan-YO!" It's quite entertaining.

And Danny is teething. Hard core. It's like his saliva spicket is set on full blast, and he forgot how to swallow. Yummy.

Roland should be home soon. I am trying to prepare for that. Both mentally, and trying to get all of the things done that I said that I would while he was deployed. So far so good! lol

I also got a new job. I will be working on post at the local hospital here. I am excited, but scared honestly! It's been over TWO years since I last worked!

Well, that is all for now, but I will try to catch you all up soon!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


New update coming soon.....I swear!