Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Danny's new sayings

Danny is just a little comedian. This boy is just a crackup. And of course, being the youngest, he likes to copy is older sister.

So tonight, Abby found her cup that had "Abigail" written on it. She's explaining to Danny how it says, "Ab-by-gale" on it, and that it is hers, not his. He runs to the kitchen, points to the cupboard (indicating that he wants *his* cup,) and brings his back to Abby, only to point at his and exclaim, "Me-gale!"

After I caught my breath, I tried to explain to him that his says, "Daniel," not Abigail. And with all seriousness, he just pointly tells me "no" with a look like I have completely lost my marbles. So on went the conversation that *he* is Danny, I am momma, Abby is Abby and Daddy is Daddy. After a while (or heck, maybe even from the beginning!) he understands and like the silly lil' man that he is, tells me that *I* am Danny, he's momma, giggling the whole time.

Somewhere I read that kids don't understand sarcasm until they are like 5 or something. And then there is Danny. I don't remember the exact situation, but I said something sarcastic to Abby, probably something like, "Fine, you don't have to put your blanket back in your room, I'll just sleep with it!" and Danny started laughing! We might be in trouble if he gets the "adult" jokes now!! lol

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