Friday, March 14, 2008

I hate LATE night phone calls!

But this was a good one!

Roland just called and said that he made the E7 board! YAY!! He is expecting to be pinned in June '09 or sooner. Yes, the pay raise will be nice, but then again, we are going to have to move again. Normally, you don't have to move when you get promoted, but he is now a SENIOR NCO (non-commissioned officer) and so we "can't" live in junior NCO housing. But thankfully we won't have to move until he is pinned! I'm kinda bummed because I really like this house. I like the way that it is layed (or is it laid?) out, and I LOVE the HUGE backyard. Seriously, you all have to come and visit before we move.

So yay. I am so proud of him. He worked hard for this. In fact, he ran his pa-toot off right before he went back so that he could have everything in place for this board. So yay. I love it when people recognize you for your hard work.

I can't stop smiling. Wait till the kids get up tomorrow morning! They will have NO idea what I am talking about, but they can share in my excitement:)

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