Friday, March 21, 2008


So like I said in a previous post, Abby has started calling Danny "Daniel!" Well, the other day I got mad at him over something or another, and called him by his full name....of course Abby heard this and lately, she's a darn sponge.

So yesterday we were on a walk (it was SO nice out-about 70 or so!) and Danny was in the wagon while Abby walked. I wasn't sure how warm out it really was since it was REALLY windy, so I brought along their coats. Like I said, Danny was in the wagon with the coats, and decided that that was just one too many things in the wagon for him, so he threw out one of the coats. I didn't notice, by my little mama did, and next I hear, "Daniel John Edmund Ward!" OMG, I was DYING. I mean seriously, could you imagine tiny little Abby with her tiny little voice speaking this firmly to Danny? It was hilarious.

Today I spent the whole morning cleaning the upstairs. We are getting ready for when Roland comes home, and I figure that it is a lot easier to do the deep cleaning now, and then just do upkeep until he comes home. It's getting close! I am so excited to have him home soon!

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